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How You Can Get Into Your Favorite MBA College

Imagine this –

You’re living in an upscale high-rise and own a swanky apartment on the 40th floor. You get ready every morning in branded suits and leave for work in a luxury car. You walk into your office with a swag that can put the head honchos of big companies to shame! Every single day for you is all about living the high life!

How To Crack Into The MBA College Of Your Choice

That sounds awesome, doesn’t it?! And that can be yours if you intend to study abroad in some of the top universities of the most happening educational hubs all across the globe such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada and more. More specifically so if you plan to study MBA in one of these places!

Studying MBA from a reputed university abroad is a wise decision. You get a host of fruitful career opportunities and the chance to work with some of the biggest commercial names in the world! But unfortunately, getting into a top B-school is not that easy.

However, you don’t have to worry about that as we have a comprehensive guide here for you that can help you crack your way into your favorite MBA college! There are some very useful tips given here that’ll help you immensely!

  1. Know the eligibility criteria

If you charge blindly into the accomplishment of your dream of studying in an MBA college abroad, you likely won’t get admission in any. Having some knowledge of the eligibility criteria before you apply is important as you get to know whether you qualify or not.

The basic eligibility requirements include having completed a full-time basic bachelor’s level graduation program. It could be any discipline including BA, B.Com, B.Sc and even engineering. You can also do your master’s or PhD before applying for your MBA abroad. There’s no age limit as such. However, you are required to have work experience of at least a year or two before you apply for an MBA program in a foreign university.

  1. Prepare for your entrance exams

Getting into an MBA college abroad is no cakewalk. It’s a fairly complex process and you have to go through several stages before you can finally get that approval letter. One of the mandatory stages you have to go through is the entrance exam.

You will have to prepare yourself for two types of entrance exams – one of them will test your aptitude for the subject, and the second will be a test of your English language skills. The two primary exams for aptitude are known as GMAT and GRE, while the language exams are known as TOEFL and IELTS.

Now both of these exams can prove to be very difficult, hence, it’s best you start preparing from a year in advance. Enrolling yourself in professional MBA examination preparation classes is the best idea as you’ll get the kind of coaching you need to pass these exams with flying colors. If you get a high score you even stand the chance to get scholarship.

  1. Fill up the form accurately

While applying to various MBA universities, you will be asked to fill out an application form. This form will include all of your general information including your personal identity details as well as details of your education and work experience. Be very careful when filling out these forms as a single mistake can result in you filing for a new application, which can prove to be expensive. Apart from that, every information you fill out in this form should be accurate and should entirely match with the documents you furnish as proof of your age, name, qualifications and work experience.

  1. Get solid recommendations

Having work experience is super important and a necessity when applying for an MBA abroad, but it is by no means enough. Along with the details of your work experience and your experience letter, you also have to furnish two recommendations. These need to be gathered from your managers, supervisors, employers etc., basically anyone whom you’ve worked under.

Since every B-school has different requirements when it comes to recommendation letters, you simply cannot copy paste one and send it to all the colleges you are applying to. You’ll have to make sure that the letters are in compliance with the rules set down by the university you apply to.

  1. Write an acceptance-worthy admission essay

Finally, in order to crack your way into the MBA college of your choice, you will have to hand in a brilliantly written admission essay. Don’t treat this essay lightly. Your application can be rejected if the admissions committee does not like your essay. Even if the rest of your application is very impressive!


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The essay is a way for the admissions panel to check whether you’re a perfect fit for their institution or not. They’ll test you to see whether you fit into their value system and whether you’ll be able to contribute positively to the image of the college. This is what makes writing an admission essay for MBA a very difficult thing.

However, you don’t have to get into panic mode as we’ve got you covered here as well! Below are given some useful tips for your MBA admission essay that’ll help you write an amazingly impressive letter!

  • Choose your topic wisely

First things first, even though will be given a broad topic, you will have to narrow it down for yourself and ensure that you make the right choice. For example, if you’re asked to write an essay on ‘Narrate how a personal experience showed your leadership skills,’ you will have to pick out one single incidence that perfectly encapsulates this theme.

  • Show your proactive side

Instead of simply stating ‘I have good leadership skills,’ show the kind of skills you possess. The purpose of your admission essay is for the admissions committee to know you better. So take the chance to show them that you’re not part of the herd, rather you’re the shepherd.

  • Don’t repeat what’s in your application

One of the biggest mistakes that students make when writing their MBA admission essay is that they pretty much repeat whatever they’ve already written in their application form. Don’t do this. Use this space to showcase your qualities, which your application doesn’t.

  • Keep your ego in check

Even though your admission essay is supposed to highlight all of your qualities, you should not cross the line between mentioning your talents and boasting of them. Self-flattery is not taken to kindly by the admissions committee. What you need to be is confident, not egoistic.

  • Mention how and why you fit into the school

The MBA school you apply to really wants to know why and how you will prove to be a perfect fit for them. So make sure you elaborate on this when you write, giving in specific pointers to convince the admissions committee.

  • Ditch the one size fits all approach

Chances are you will be applying to several B-schools, which means that you will have to write multiple admission essays. Now while it is tempting to write just one essay and treat it as a template for all the colleges you apply to, don’t do that. Every college has its own set of rules and standards by taking the one size fits all approach, the university may very well reject you seeing you haven’t followed the protocol.

  • Diligently follow all the rules of the admission essay

In a bid to be creative, do not dismiss or disobey all of the rules of the admission essay specified by the university. Follow the font, style and word count diligently. Not doing so can show a disregard for rules and disrespect for authority, which can make your application end up in the ‘reject’ pile.

  • Draw upon real life examples

Telling your own story in the context of the topic of your essay can help you score brownie points from the admissions committee! However, make sure it’s relevant to the topic and also not too tragic. Tragedies are too common and the admissions committee may not favor them.

  • Show your sense of humor

You are a real person you know, and you don’t really have to hide it from the admissions committee. So don’t be afraid to show your humorous side. It can really help impress the admissions committee.

  • Write in simple, to-the-point manner

Jargon might be tempting to use but keep that to a minimum. Avoid it altogether if you can. An essay that is simple and straightforward will be highly appreciated and will most surely land you an acceptance letter from the university you want to. Also, make sure the language you use is correct.

  • Edit your essay

Writing is the hard part, and once you’ve accomplished that, you can relax! Well, not for long. Once you’re done writing, you also have to edit your essay, which is crucial to your acceptance in the college you want. The admissions committee is going to analyze each and every word you write, so mistakes are not something that are going to be accepted.

Both editing and proofreading your essays are tasks you have to carry out. Reading out loud will help in you catching editing errors while reading backwards will make it easier to detect the ones in proofreading. If you’re not confident about how your essay sounds or whether it is good enough, have your friends and family read it. Their feedback can help you immensely in the making the right changes to your essay.

This is the secret to getting a surefire entry into the MBA college you want to study in. Before you start applying though, find out about the annual fee and scholarship system of the college as it can help you save a lot of money. Also enquire about the location of the college as well as the potential cost of living as education abroad can get very expensive. Moreover, keep an eye out for important dates such as when the forms come out and the dates of the examination. You don’t want to miss them! Good luck!

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